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  • Andrew Exton

Go Show, Solo

If you guys are anything like the three of us at Forgot to Grow Up, you’ll occasionally have to cave and go see your movies by yourself. It’s not all that bad, but it’s not all that great either. If you are struggling to make a decision on whether or not to see a movie by yourself, ask yourself this question : “do I hate people?!” If the answer to the prior question is yes, you are free to go solo because I get the feeling you’re probably not very well liked anyways. If the answer is no, feel free to use the pros and cons list below to figure out if it is worth it to you or not.


  1. You get to enjoy the movie on your own terms without having a group of people you might be with holding you back from the cinematic promised land

  2. Going to the movies by yourself means no awkward first dates that make you have to pay for dinner as well. More money in your pockets for future movies!

  3. If you go without a date, your hand won’t end up getting sweaty from holding hands

  4. Ever go to the movies and be limited to where you can sit because you’ve got lackies who need seats too? Go by yourself and you can have all the options under then sun

  5. Never be late again because you won’t have to carpool!

  6. If you go see a scary movie, no one will no you sh*t your pants!


  1. Bizarre strangers might want to talk to you

  2. Sometimes the theatres are packed and you get crammed between two big old sweaty dudes

  3. If you go see a romance or sad movie by yourself, you’ll just be sitting there, crying by yourself and who wants that?!

  4. Sometimes it’s nice to have a group to talk about the movie before and after with

  5. Holding hands isn’t as bad as we made it out to be

  6. Last but not least… dude, do you really want us to say it? Fine…. Seeing movies by yourself is just so depressing

As a final note, if you’re absolutely desperate to see a movie and have no one to go with, you can always message us! We’re always game to groovie and movie

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