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20 Best Movie Franchises to Binge Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

With Thanksgiving weekend approaching, it presents the perfect opportunity to binge watch a bunch of movies. So here are my 20 Best Movie Franchises to Binge Over Thanksgiving Weekend.

20. The Matrix

This Thanksgiving gives thanks you are not stuck in a world controlled by robots...wait a second… unless we are... With a new Matrix movie coming out soon, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for a rewatch of this great franchise. Plus if you want to make it an entire weekend thing you can add the Animatrix series to the watchlist.

19. Ghostbusters

You might be thinking, shouldn't Ghostbusters be on the Halloween list? Yes, you are correct however if you're like me and didn’t get a chance to watch it over Halloween than it's a great franchise to watch for Thanksgiving. Fun and family friendly, no one will be disappointed with this choice.

18. Beverly Hills Cop

Give thanks that Axel Foley is on the case or at least can be in your living room...on the tv... because you're watching the movies...Beverly Hills Cop Axel Foley, a street-smart Detroit cop who visits Beverly Hills, California to solve the murder of his best friend. Eddie Murphy at his best, The Beverly Hills Cop franchise is great action comedy franchise to watch with the adults and older kids.

17. Bill and Ted

Escape into a most wonderful movie franchise with Bill & Ted. It's family friendly, fun, hilarious and just an excellent time for anyone over this Thanksgiving weekend. You won't be disappointed when you invite the Wyld Stallyns over for Thanksgiving weekend.

16. Austin Powers

It’s ridiculous but in a fun way. Stupidly funny but great for the background during Thanksgiving dinner prep. Not for the little ones but a terrible in a good way watch for the older kids and the adults alike.

15. Rush Hour

One of my favourite great action-comedy franchises and fun for the whole family. Jackie Chan is always a great time and the Rush Hour trilogy is him at his peak action comedy superstar phase. A fantastic watch for the entire family which will leave everyone's sides sore not just from the great meal but the hours of laughs.

14. Men in Black

MIB is a great escape from the family while almost making you grateful that none of them are a giant cockroach alien in a human skin suit, unless they are in which you should get that looked at by a professional. MIB and its pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones offers something for everyone in your family.

13. Mad Max

Give thanks your Thanksgiving isn’t taking place in an apocalyptic wasteland with the Mad Max franchise. Action packed and thrilling it’s a great addition to any binge watch fest but especially over Thanksgiving, aka the perfect holiday for dystopian future movies.

12. Indiana Jones

You can never go wrong with an Indie binge. Escape from the chaos of Thanksgiving and your family by taking an adventure with Dr Jones and friends. No one at Thanksgiving will argue with the choice of watching Indiana Jones (well maybe Crystal Skull but that's understandable).

11. The Dark Knight

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for a rewatch of the Nolan Batman trilogy. And as the most critically acclaimed Batman trilogy, everyone in your family will be happy with this selection. Or they can go home with dessert.

10. Mission Impossible

If you want one franchise to get you through the entire Thanksgiving weekend, Mission Impossible might be the answer for you. Each action packed instalment is a fun thrill ride for the whole family. And I don’t know about you but watching Tom Cruise run around for a few hours always makes me hungry.

9. Night at the Museum

Fun and light-hearted, the Night at the Museum movies are a great option for Thanksgiving weekend especially if you have a house full of younger children. Enjoyable for kids and adults alike, the Night at the Museum trilogy is a great addition to any Thanksgiving watchlist.

8. The Ocean's movies

You won't be disappointed when you invite Danny Ocean and crew to join you this Thanksgiving weekend. The Oceans movies have something for everyone in your family with its great cast, intriguing heists and all around fun hijinks.

7. Planet of the Apes

Give thanks you don’t live on a “planet of apes” this Thanksgiving with a binge of all the Planet of the Apes movies. From the originals to the new trilogy, each instalment offers a thrilling adventure to explore and enjoy.

6. Spider-Man

Besides the fact it has a Thanksgiving scene, the Spider-Man movies are an excellent choice for your Thanksgiving binge fest. Action packed but also full of heart, the Remy Spider-Man trilogy is enjoyable for the whole family.

5. Hunger Games

It literally has hunger in the name and if that’s not enough of a reason, well that’s fair it’s not really a reason is it…? The Hunger Games franchise will make you very thankful this Thanksgiving that you only have to fight for the last slice of pumpkin pie and not your life.

4. Terminator movies

If you haven’t noticed already, this list has few dystopian future franchises and the Terminator franchise is the godfather of all dystopian future movies. Yes after T2, the instalments vary in quality but I think they’re still a great franchise for Thanksgiving to help remind you to be thankful that AI hasn’t taken over the world...yet.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Invite Captain Jack over for Thanksgiving for a family friendly, action adventure franchise for anyone in your family to enjoy. The Pirates movies are a fun and entertaining thrill ride that will keep kids and adults alike glued to the tv and out of the desserts.

2. Rocky

The Italian Stallion is always a great choice but Thanksgiving makes his underdog story that much more compelling and heart-felt. Plus the training montages always make me hungry for a big meal.

1. Lord of the Rings

The one franchise to rule them all, and when I say all I mean, to rule over movies to watch over thanksgiving. The Middle Earth movies not only are long enough to get you through the entire Thanksgiving weekend but also provide a thrilling epic adventure that you won’t regret rewatching for Thanksgiving. Plus you might get some food inspiration from all the feasts.

And that's my list of 20 Best Movie Franchises to Binge Over Thanksgiving Weekend.

Let me know in the comments which movies you'll be binging this Thanksgiving weekend.

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