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  • Scott Carter

Forgot to Grow Up Podcast Turns One!

That's right the Forgot to Grow Up Podcast became a 1 year one this week! The 1 year anniversary of us starting the shenanigans we call a podcast passed this week and we thought we'd take the chance to mark the occasion by first thanking all our loyal audience members and all those who have helped support and encourage us to start and continue this podcast. We could not have done it without and encouragement so thank you all, we really appreciate it.

Well that being said time to mark the occasion we have this week's podcast episode, Episode 53: Title Panther Mouth aka our Forgot to Grow Up Season 1 Recap & Thoughts episode. Join us to look back on our favourite moments, episodes and realizations from our first season of podcasting.

Find this week's episode on...

Or anywhere you find your podcasts!

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