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On a week where so many huge things happened in the RWCU (Real World Cinematic Universe), how would it be possible for us at FTGU to not indulge and get as giddy as a little kid on Christmas who knows he's getting his first lightsaber for Christmas?!

Let's kick it off with the latest teaser that was dropped for a movie that I personally have literally been waiting most of my life for : Justice League. Although the latest preview doesn't show too much “new footage” , it’s still just as exciting to see it because this means it's right around the corner! Two seconds in and we get to see Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen with this big “dumb guy” grin on his face as the camera pans around the team, and let me tell you, that's exactly how I feel too!

Surprisingly enough, unlike most big Blockbuster movies, a lot of the info surrounding this movie has been held close to those involved’s chests (much to our chagrin here at FTGU) which just makes me want to see it even more just to find out what little things they've been hiding from us. WHY ISN’T IT NOVEMBER YET.

Also dropping this week are the all new seasons of The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and Legend’s Of Tomorrow on the CW. These are shows that, although imperfect, manage to take characters who aren’t necessarily household names and give them a new twist that intrigues the audience and really keeps you hooked. Even some of the poorly adapted characters (such as Martian Man Hunter on Supergirl) draw you in enough that you don’t want to miss a single episode. The Flash had the direct honour of bringing in the original cast of the 1990s Flash to be part of the cast. One of the best decisions they have made with this show, in my opinion, is having Mark Hamill return to play the deranged lunatic James Jesse AKA the Trickster. Seeing him in this role is like seeing a live action version of his iconic role as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.

One of the biggest lumps doled out on the “Arrowverse”, is that Stephen Amell’s adaptation of Oliver Queen is more like a Green Batman instead of the Green Arrow… is that really a bad thing?! Does the world really need less Batman?! The answer is no.

The third of four amazing things to happen this week in the RWCU is that we finally got a quality trailer for December’s drop of the latest installation to the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: the Last Jedi. Like most people, we were sitting here waiting for what seemed like forever to get a quality trailer and let me tell you, this one didn’t disappoint. My biggest worry was that it would be just a rip off of Empire because, let’s face it, the Force Awakens was just a poor man’s rip off of A New Hope. Han shot first, and I was going to shoot myself if they had just done another rip off. So far, from what we’ve seen, it looks like the Last Jedi should chalk up to be a fantastic movie with a whole new story that could point the Star wars universe in a never before seen direction.

All of the three prior things on their own should be enough to get you guys pumped right up for what bodes to be a wonderful near future, but what comes next is going to knock your socks off. Are you sitting down? Come on, sit down. You ready? Okay here it is… this Sunday October 15th, we at Forgot to Grow Up will be dropping our first podcast! Make sure you check it out on (insert links to social media). If that doesn’t get you as pumped as Ice T gets about catching perverts on Law and Order SVU, than are you even alive?

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