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10 Worst Movie Characters to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is almost here, so make sure your guest list doesn't include any of these 10 Worst Movie Characters to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner.


#10 - Harry Potter, Harry Potter Franchise

That kid has never seen a holiday without some craziness going down. From trolls in the dungeon at Halloween to Mr. Weasley being attacked just being Christmas, Harry is a liability to have around during any holiday.


#9 - The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

If you’d like to have any dinnerware left at the end of the meal then the Mad Hatter is not a guest you should invite over. His destructive behaviour and general all around madness makes him a basket of chaos for any dinner party.


#8 - Shrek, Shrek Franchise

The lovely ogre is most at home in a swamp, not the dinner table. If your other guests aren't repelled by his smell, his table manners will surely do the trick. Plus Donkey would probably tag along and that always leads to hijinks.


#7 - James Bond, 007 Franchise

Has he ever made it through an entire meal in his career without being attacked by a henchman or leaving before appetizers to seduce the latest Bond girl. And he will be the best dressed there which is just not a good look for you...the host.


#6 - Hancock, Hancock

If he doesn’t show up already drunk, then he will certainly drink all your booze and destroy the living room, dining room and your kid’s treehouse. And you’ll be lucky if your car doesn’t end up in a tree or something.


#5 - Slimer, Ghostbusters Franchise

Slimer is obviously a terrible guest to invite for thanksgiving. He’s a ghost, has no manners and causes a huge mess when he eats. Also just looking at him makes me lose my appetite.


#4 - Count Dracula, Dracula

Guy will show up after dark with 3 plus ones and no apology. Then he won’t touch the food you saved for him and instead will try to make you the meal. Not cool Dracula, not cool.


#3 - Dr. Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs Franchise

Sure he's a very charming and interesting fellow but if this isn't obvious well... he definitely wouldn’t be happy about the meal and you’d have to be very wary that you don’t end up as the feast yourself.


#2 - Bluto, Animal House

Bluto is the Animal that gives Animal House its true meaning. He’s uncivilized and unkempt and he doesn't care about the wake of destruction left in his path. He will ruin your Thanksgiving dinner and embarrass you in front of your other guests.


#1 - Fat Bastard, Austin Powers Trilogy

He’s rude, he’s crude and he will eat all your food. He has no table manners, he’s revolting and disgusting and just all around not someone you want at thanksgiving

There's my list of the 10 Worst Movie Characters to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner. Be sure to let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with the list and who would've made your do not invite to dinner list.

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