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3 Spider-Man No Way Home Fan Theories That Are Far From Reality

Since the release of Spider-Man No Way Home trailer there has been endless speculation about the next instalment in the MCU. From other Spideys to universe crossovers there's a thousand fan theories for every second of the trailer. So I've collected the 3 Spider-Man No Way Home Fan Theories That Are Far From Reality.

Fan Theory #1 - Michael Keaton Will Cameo as Batman

Besides the fact Keaton is already the Vulture, after all they are introducing the multiverse, however the stretch really is the crossover with DC. As much as I'd love to see a day where we get a big blockbuster crossover of the two superhero universe, I know with all my heart this isn't the movie it's happening in.

Besides the fact there's no reason to believe Marvel and Dc have ever talked about this, there's also the Sony of it all. Sony, Marvel and Warner all working together doesn't seem like a reality of our universe any time soon.

Fan Theory #2 - Doctor Strange Is Actually Agatha Harkness

Now this theory is more likely but the fact it's based on two actors winking similarly and that Dr Strange does a spell Wong advises against (you mean what happened throughout the Dr Strange movie?) makes it a bit hard to believe. It's definitely possible but possible doesn't mean it's true.

Last we left Agatha she was under Scarlet Witch's hex and I doubt has the ability to hatch this kind of scheme at the moment. Also, why wouldn't Wong be able to tell it's Agatha and where's Strange if it is Agatha. This theory seems half-baked and based mostly on the actors having similar expressive winks, as most actors do.

Fan Theory #3 - Leonardo DiCaprio As Spider-Man

Based on that Leo was at one point considered for the role of Spider-Man, this theory admittedly is 100% and could very well happen...however I doubt it highly. With all the other confirmed cameos, this one seems unlikely with the amount of coordination it would required to not only make happen but also to keep secret on top of all the other cameos in the movie doesn't seem very doable.

It is also such a small Easter egg that so few people would understand, I doubt Sony and Marvel would go to the trouble. I think it would be far more likely Leo would make a Matt Damon-ish appearance, perhaps playing Spider-man in the MCU's version of the Spider-Man musical but not as an alternative universe Spidey.

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