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10 TV Shows You’re Never Too Old To Rewatch

Nowadays nostalgia is everywhere! In Marvel movies and Netflix Originals, nostalgia has been taking over recent movies and TV shows for the past few years.

So in the spirit of nostalgia, we at Forgot to Grow Up crafted a list of 10 TV Shows You’re Never Too Old To Rewatch. Consisting of some of our childhood favourites that we’re always happy to go back to and rewatch for the 100th time.

Batman: The Animated Series(1995)

Of course we had to start off with Batman! How else would we anyone start a list of 10 TV Shows You’re Never Too Old To Rewatch. Batman: The Animated Series by far stands the test of time as a nearly perfect depiction of the Batman we loved from the comics.

Unlike a lot of kids cartoons, Batman: TAS is stand across age demographics and provide anyone regardless of age with amazing TV episodes, unique storylines and characters straight from comicbooks.

Batman: The Animated Series is great to revisit anytime you need a short and sweet Batman story without having to read because come on who likes to read these days.

Saved By The Bell (1989)

Did anyone else get up early before elementary school to watch Saved By The Bell on TBS (Later to Become Peachtree Tv). Saved By The Bell, for those of you who don’t know, was your typical high school based TV show of the 80s and 90s.

Attractive young cast plus a new lesson to learn about life, love and growing up each episode was the mix week to week for Saved By The Bell. But the wacky cast of characters and the endless awkward high school scenarios to play out makes Saved By The Bell is a great show to go back to from time to time to give you a wholesome feeling of high school nostalgia while teaching you some life lesson like the dangers of drug addict or that one where they imagined they were a famous pop band that eventually breaks up...not sure what the lesson was suppose to be there.

Digimon (1997)

“Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the Champions!!” If you don’t remember that beginning to the epic theme song of Digimon then I really don’t know why you’re bothering to read this because clearly you were raised wrong and never got to experience the greatness that was Digimon.

I know most kids were more into Pokemon and sure Pokemon was great but as a tv show to rewatch I will always pick Digimon over Pokemon because there’s just too many *fudging* Pokemon series to ever even consider rewatching.

Besides simple convenience Digimon also had more complex story lines and characters with more motivations then just wanting to Catch ‘Em All! Digimon is a good Saturday morning cartoon to add into your weekend Netflix binging.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993)

I know, I know! I was just saying how Pokemon had too many different series to ever rewatch entirely and now i’m mentioning Power Rangers the only show with more spin offs the Pokemon!

In my defence I specifically said Might Morphin for that reason because there really are too many Power Ranger series but the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a modern day classic among 90s kids tv shows. MMPR is cheesy and abit goofy but that’s what was always great about Power Rangers!

They didn’t have to make complete sense they just needed to defeat every bad guy twice, once at a normal size and once as super sized so they had an excuse every episode to morph into the Megazoid! Despite all that MMPR still remains a great show to go back and rewatch an episode here and there to brighten your day with two dudes dressed as giant robots/monsters/whatever knocking over a city.

Justice League & Justice League Unlimited (2001)

Another superhero kids show? *Fudging* right! The 90s were a time of dozens of superhero shows thanks to the Comics Boom of the 90s (Wikipedia Link to Comics Boom) and Justice League & Justice League Unlimited were among the better ones and most rewatchable ones among these shows.

JL & JLU brought together all our favourite DC superheroes in short storylines borrow from the comics. JL & JLU are great to rewatch because you can hop back into it at anytime and get a nice short superhero story without investing 2-3 hours like most superhero movies. But you can also binge the entire series and not get bored of the many adventures & new characters of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows.

Beast Wars: Transformers (Titled Beasties: Transformers in Canada) (1996)

First off, when I was researching Beast Wars for this blog post and reading the Wikipedia page (as we all do for everything) I saw that it was titled Beasties: Transformers in Canada which caused me to have a crisis of memory because I (A Canadian Raised Hoser) can’t, for the life of me, remember if it was actually Beasties and I only misremembered it as Beast Wars...or was I watching American television stations which broadcasted it as Beast Wars..? Anyways that really didn’t have anything to do with this post… SO Beast Wars!

Of the few Transformers tv shows we had growing up, Beast Wars I always felt had the most unique story premise following the descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons. It’s also a great show to go back to because it helps wash the bad taste of the most recent Transformers movies out of your cinematic taste buds and remind you why we used to love the Transformers before Michael Bay decided that Transformer had to be 3 hours long.

Beast Wars is more than just Michael Bay mouthwash it's also a fun and unique series which is fun to rewatch from time to time to remind you just how awesome transforming robots really is.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)

“Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider..” better stop there just in case of copyright infringement...anyways Spider-Man: The Animated Series is another superhero kids show that is great for revisiting for short individual superhero stories.

Taking place in Marvel Comics version of New York City, Spider-Man: The Animated Series dove into the life of Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego Spider-Man with appearances from your favourite Spidey villains and other Marvel Comics superheros like the Fantastic 4 and Daredevil. Spider-Man: TAS is fun to rewatch because of the humour of a college aged Spider-Man with his relatable life issues like worrying about paying rent. Checkout Spider-Man: TAS when you’re needing a more grounded, down-to-earth superhero story to watch.

Home Improvement (1991)

This is the first of the shows that wasn’t a kids tv show but just a family show that’s always worth rewatching. I grew up watching Home Improvement and it was one of the first tv series I ever bought on DVD so of course I had to include it in our list of 10 Tv Shows You’re Never Too Old To Rewatch. Home Improvement is a hilarious family sitcom following the shameless and wacky antics of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and his family.

Running for 8 seasons you get to watch this family grow-up together and somehow manage to not replace any of the kids (except that one time Randy disappeared to Costa Rica for a season). Another reason this show is great to rewatch is how relatable this average Joe, everyman is hilariously stumbling his way through every episode.

My favorite time to rewatch Home Improvement is checking out an episode or two after a terrible ride on public transit(seriously why do buses suck so much) to help you laugh away the possible infection you caught on the bus(seriously why do I put myself through that). After all laughter is the best medicine and Home Improvement is one of those tasty medicine you enjoy taking from time to time.

Teen Titans (2003)

If you’re sick of me listing off superhero shows from our childhood that are great to rewatch then you might want to turn away now because these last two are of course more superheros superhero cartoon series that you’re never too old to rewatch.

Teen Titans was the easiest to relate to as a kid of the superhero animated series because it followed kid superheroes, but the show is also fun and entertaining for “grown-ups” as well. Each season of this series follow an individual character’s story arch which makes it a great show to binge whole seasons at a time(which only takes a couple hours because of the short episode length).

Teen Titans is perfect for a rainy weekend afternoon where you want to dive a little deeper into a superhero story but not commit to anything too lengthy.

X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

The last and certainly not least on Forgot to Grow Up’s list of 10 TV Shows You’re Never Too Old To Rewatch is another Marvel animated series which is great to revisit when you’re craving a short superhero team-up story.

X-Men: The Animated Series was one of the biggest superhero shows of the 90s because of its diverse cast of superhero characters and its take on social issues of the era from the perspective of Mutants. This show is great to rewatch as an adult (or whatever you call someone who’s not a child anymore) because of those complex social issues the show tackle while still remaining a kids superhero show.

X-Men: TAS is also fun to revisit because of its crossovers with the Spider-Man animated series and its season long plot lines that always concluded in an epic superhero/Mutant fight.

And that’s our list of 10 Tv Shows You’re Never Too Old To Rewatch, if you enjoyed this and would like to hear more from us at Forgot to Grow Up and our opinions, discussions and more on those and other tv shows and movies checkout our podcast at

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