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This Week @ FTGU | May 21st - 27th

It was another busy week at the Forgot to Grow Up Podcast!! DEADPOOL 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story are both in cinemas everywhere and in honour of this the guys from FTGU filled this past week with Star Wars and Deadpool themed content.

Check out what happened...

This Week @ FTGU:

Thursday May 24th, 2018

Rewatch Revisit Review | I, ROBOT

"It’s our first non-Simon Pegg themed Rewatch Revisit Review!! This video Scott discuss his thoughts after Rewatching & Revisiting I,ROBOT starring Will Smith from 2004!"

YouTube: https://youtu.be/6FxgO_78J2g

Friday May 25th, 2018

Gettin' Scott-Headed | Scott Rants About Why He Wishes Star Wars Released In December

"In this edition of Gettin’ Scott-Headed, Scott Rants About Why He Wishes All Star Wars Movies Released in December. Is he being abit ridiculous? You bet your bottom f-ing dollar he is but what else is new?!"

YouTube: https://youtu.be/rLDIzk4swQs


"Have you ever wondered WHAT’S THE PROPER ORDER TO WATCH THE STAR WARS Movies? Well in this FTGU Cinema Convo Scott discusses just that!"

YouTube: https://youtu.be/EAVxknkynpY

Saturday May 26th, 2018

FTGU Movie Reaction | Solo: A Star Wars Story REACTION!! (No Spoilers!)

"Scott just saw Solo: A Star Wars Story and now he’s got his no spoilers reaction to seeing this latest Star Wars movie!!"

YouTube: https://youtu.be/CgQhIN7JeoQ

Sunday May 27th, 2018

Forgot to Grow Up Podcast | Episode 33: Cher Butter Spoilers (Deadpool 2 Spoiler Edition)

"Cher, butter, and spoilers... what's so freaking hard to understand bout that?! Okay, fine, its Deadpool 2 time! SPOILERS Warning!!"





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And that’s everything from this past week at FTGU. Thanks for joining us today and don’t forgot to follow us on all social media @ForgotToGrowUp and on YouTube at the Forgot To Grow Up Podcast.

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