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  • Andrew Exton

Comedy Come Ça

Let's just begin with stating the obvious : what is comedy? I mean, we all know that comedy is something funny, but what is comedy really? Why do some of us love Monty Python, but some people don't? Why don't (most) girlfriends hate Family Guy and other animated hilarities?

I think the key to realizing that one cannot truly define comedy is simple : there are too many boundaries around comedy. Sometimes it can be dark, sometimes it can be lighthearted.

Let's look at facts : sometimes you just need to watch a stupid movie to escape from the everyday.

Now, I think we an all agree that movies the likes of "Sausage Party" are an absolute waste of everyone's money, but baring us all wasting even more money to go and see "Sausage Party 2: Chorizo Supreme", who is anyone to tell us that what we as individuals is wrong?

Sometimes the circumstances around death can be funny, that's why movies like "Death at a Funeral" got multiple remakes. Stupidity like Caddy Shack can become cult classics. Shit, even "Borat" has the odd humorous moment.

Keeping it short and sweet, let me leave you with a list of 10 movies that I find casually funny that are great for just putting on and escaping. If you don't that's all fine and dandy too, but you gotta give them a shot!

10) Addams Family Values

9) Naked Gun Trilogy

8) Baseketball

7) Uncle Buck

6) Dr Strangelove

5) Office Space

4) Space Jam

3) Super Troopers

2) Tommy Boy

1) Space Balls

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